What Can I Do To Keep My Account Secure?

Disclaimer: BTCpop will not be responsible for any losses that occur on a members account, either with or without security measures enabled, account security is solely each BTCpop members responsibility. Should you chose not to enable security features then you could be locked out of your account permanently.

BTCpop offers several ways to keep your account secure, to set security on your account please go to your security page found here:  https://btcpop.co/Security and from "Security" link the left side of your dashboard. Below are the 4 types of security you can enable from your security page. As always if you change any security settings on your security page, make sure you enter your BTCpop password in the white box next to the "Submit" button before you click "Submit" otherwise your changes will not be saved.

Security Phrase

This is found on the top left of your security page, the security phrase is used to verify you are the owner of the account should you have a problem with your account. Please remember when making up your security phrase you try to be as original as possible and make it more than a 1 word wonder. Should you be sloppy when making this phrase and its easy to guess you risk giving access to someone else. Once you have your security phrase set please write it down and keep it in a secure place in case you need it in the future, this will also speed up the process of any support tickets you may have. Also please remember all security phrases are case sensitive.

Verification Emails

There are two types of email verifications you can receive:

1. I.P. Confirmations - If you have this turned on, if your account is logged in from a different I.P. then the last one you used, you will receive a email confirmation to allow this IP before anyone is able to log in.

2. Browser Confirmations - If you have this one turned on and your account is accessed using a browser other than the last one used to log in, you will receive a email confirmation before that browser is able to log into your account.

You can turn on one or both of these security measures at any time as well as turn them off at any time.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

This is probably one of the best ways at the moment to secure your account. 2FA is one type of security you can add to your account from your security page found here:  https://btcpop.co/Security and from the link on the left side of your dashboard. There is a little information about 2FA on the security page, however to learn more I would suggest you google 2FA. Should you decide you are going to use 2FA I would suggest you know what your security phrase is and you verify your sms on the verification page found here: https://btcpop.co/GetVerified, you can also find this link from the "Profile" drop down menu also found on the left side of your dashboard. Should you activate your 2FA and fail to set your security phrase and verify your sms and are locked out of your account, you will lose access to your account.

Clef Account Email

Clef is being discontinued and will be removed soon, do not use this security measure.

Advanced Settings

In the "advanced Settings" you are able to set your ISP ans IP's, once these are set you will not be able to log in from other IP or ISP's.....use with caution!

SMS Verification

Although not found on your security page I thought we should mention it here. You can verify your sms on the verification page found here:  https://btcpop.co/GetVerified and from the the drop down menu of the "Profile" link found on the left side of your dashboard. We use sms verification in the event you have lost or forgotten your secuirty phrase. We will send you a text message with a code you will need to reply to your support ticket with, once the code is validated we will reset your security phrase for you. Should you fail to not know your security phrase and not have sms verified you will most likely lose access to your account permanently.

Learn More At The BTCpop Blog:  https://blog.btcpop.co/

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