What Is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

What is 2FA?

2FA is one type of security you can add to your account from your security page found here:  https://btcpop.co/Securityand from the link on the left side of your dashboard. There is a little information about 2FA on the security page, however to learn more I would suggest you google 2FA. Should you decide you are going to use 2FA I would suggest you know what your security phrase is and you verify your sms on the verification page found here: https://btcpop.co/GetVerified, you can also find this link from the "Profile" drop down menu also found on the left side of your dashboard. Should you activate your 2FA and fail to set your security phrase and verify your sms and are locked you will lose access to your account. Please note, before you will see your QR code, you will need to go down the page and enter your BTCpop password and then click the "Save" button, once the page refreshes you will see the QR code you will need. Should you need additional information on 2FA, please feel free to use google search!

Learn More At The BTCpop Blog:  https://blog.btcpop.co/

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