I Lost/Replaced My Phone With My 2FA/ I Have Lost Access To My 2FA, Now What?

Should you find yourself in the situation, whether you lost your phone,it was stolen, you dropped it or the occasional opps it fell in the toilet we can fix this for you assuming you have set up your security phrase and know what it is (remember security phrases are case sensitive) You will need to reply to your current support ticket (please keep all replies on the same ticket, do not start a new ticket for the same issue as to avoid any confusion) Be sure to explain what happened and you need to have your 2FA disabled, we will then send you a link to verify your security phrase, once we validate your phrase we will disable your 2FA for you. If however you do not know or have not set up your security phrase and your new phone has a different number other than what you verified on BTCpop you may be locked out of your account permanently. 

Learn More At The BTCpop Blog:  https://blog.btcpop.co/

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