Hey, I Only See Social Networks and Address+ On My Verification Page...What Gives??

Where's The Rest Of My Verification's?

If after filling out your basic Name, Address, City, State etc your page will refresh and go to the next verification's you would need to do. On the next page there should be places to fill in your Government ID, Drivers License,Passport,SMS etc. , for most countries this is the case. However, over the last 3 years of BTCpop tracking members from every registered country we have determined there are some countries that we require members to complete the Address+ before any of the other verification's will appear. So, if you have filled out the basic information and your page refreshed showing just your social networks to verify and the Address+, you would need to complete the Address+ first (there is a small fee for this service). Once your letter arrives with your code you will be able to enter it in the box on your verification, if entered correctly the rest of your verification's will populate the page. Please note all Address+ verification letters can take up to 20 business days depending on your country.

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