Loan Types BTCpop Offers

BTCpop offers 7 different types of loans as well as IPO's (Initial Public Offering) for businesses. Below is a brief description of the loans, please remember every loan type offered by BTCpop can be created only after a member has verified their information on the verification page found here: , the only loan type that does not require a member to be verified is the Instant Collateral Loans.

Loans For Verified Members

Custom Personal Loans

This is the most basic loan, every member chooses their own interest rate as well as their length of time for repayment, for new members with a "F" rating the fee is 5% in addition to the amount of interest a member offers on their created loan.

Custom Personal Loan with Collateral

This is the same as the Custom Personal Loan above with the exception a member would add collateral, in the form of altcoins or shares. Members can buy shares from our Shares page found on the left side of your dashboard. You can purchase any of the shares found here as collateral for your loan, the best part is even when you have your shares locked in for collateral purposes you will still collect any dividends that may be paid during that time. Also if it doesn't work out or you repay your and decide you do not want to keep your shares you can always sell them on the shares market, sometimes even for a small profit! You can also purchase altcoins from our Exchange, also found on the left side of your dashboard, once again choose the coin/s you would like to purchase go to the coin exchange page and buy your coins, as a added bonus most altcoins do stake here, which means any coins you purchase that do stake while you hold them, you will receive a portion of the amount staked depending on the amount you hold at the time. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED before you purchase any shares or altcoins for collateral you do your research and also ask members in our live chat which ones they would recommend, there are good ones and extremely bad ones, so please choose wisely, once bought we can not reverse the transaction, you would need to sell then back on the exchange.

Custom Instant Loan

Instant Loans are based on fees that are repaid from Custom Personal Loan, and Custom Personal Loans with collateral, once you have met the minimum amount the Instant Loans will unlock for you. The minimum amount of fees repaid is dependent on a members amount of verification's completed, therefore all members will have different amount of fees to repay before the Instant Loans will unlock.

Custom Business Loans

These loans can be taken by any verified member for any business purpose. These loans can be for start up capital, cash flow purposes,expansion and much can even add collateral to your business should you wish to, it does help get your loan funded much quicker.

IPO (Initial Public Offering)

This type of "loan" is actually for larger businesses that need a little more than the standard amount. When a member creates a IPO, they will create shares that other members will purchase to fund the IPO. Once the time expires on the IPO it will go live and the IPO owner can chose to either keep the remaining shares to sell in the future or he can "burn" them, meaning they will be destroyed. Once your IPO goes live your IPO shares will be moved to the shares page, given a ticker and will be open for every member to buy and sell your IPO shares. As the IPO owner you guarantee your share holders a percentage of the profit each month which is known as a "dividend". Should you decide you want to buy back all of your shares you can let your investors know and hopefully they will sell them back to you (for a profit of course) on your IPO share page.


Bonds are like a in between Custom Loan and IPO offering. When a member creates a bond, depending on the amount there could be several bonds for sale or very few bonds depending on what the cost of each bond is versus the total overall amount trying to be raised. Unlike IPO's, bonds can be repaid at anytime, however each month they are not repaid the bond issuer agrees to pay every bond holder a interest payment for each bond held every month until all the bonds are bought back or the time on the bond expires and you have to buy them back at that time.

Loans For Verified and Non Verified Members

Instant Collateral Loan

The only loan option available to non verified members is a Instant Collateral loans. This means a member would have to purchase shares from our Shares page, Purchase altcoins from our exchange or deposit altcoins in your BTCpop account from a outside wallet. With this type of loan there are specific Shares and altcoins that are accepted, these are listed as follows along with the percentage each shares value has against the collateral loan:

Shares                                                                                                 Altcoins

1.  INST1       90% of each shares value                                        1. LTC - Litecoins   25% of each coins value

2.  BTCpop    80% of each shares value                                        2. ETH - Ethereum  25% of each coins value

3.  BTCM       75% of each shares value                                        3. Clam - Clam Coins 25% of each coins value                                                                                               

                                                                                                        4. BCH - 


Each of the above altcoins will pay 25% of the value of their value. 

So just as a example, if you had 100 shares of INST1 that are worth 1btc, the maximum Instant Collateral Loan you would be able to take would be 0.90 btc. 

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