How To Earn BTC

BTCpop has many different ways to invest your BTC here and earn even more, below we will discuss each one briefly.

Invest  In Loans

The first way is to simply invest in other members loans, you can earn btc if you do your homework. Before investing in other members loans we do suggest you do your homework, read up on the borrower, check loan comments and look at some of the members previous loan request, including the comments to make a informed decision. You can also speak to other members in chat and see what they are saying about a particular loan you would like to invest in.

Note Buying

Missed a loan from your favorite borrower? Well fear not, you can go to our Notes Page and buy notes from different members that are selling them after investing in a members loans. There are many reasons why members invest and then sell their investments as notes,most are just looking for a quick turn around or need the BTC for a better opportunity....their loss is your gain! As always do your research before buying any notes.

Buy and Sell Shares On Our Exchange

We also have a Shares exchange that includes new and older shares from active IPO's (Initial Public Offering), you can buy shares ow and sell them when the price rises or just hold onto them for the dividends each month. Once again we do advise you do your homework, learn about the shares you are interested, read the shares IPO page and even speak with other members in our live chat. 

Buy and Sell Altcoins On Our Exchange

Members can also buy and sell over 100+ different altcoins including Ethereum, Litecoins, Dashcoin, Clam Coin and many more. The best part is most of our coins "Stake" also, meaning whenever new coins are found anyone who holds that particular coin at the time will receive a part of the coins found meaning you will earn coins for doing nothing but having your altcoins in your BTCpop account at the time of the staking! Below is a list of currently staking coins, of course more will be added and some may be dropped at anytime:

ReddCoin         Rubycoin         eMark             IOcoin            BitBean            AquariusCoin      BonPeKaO     GPUcoin        BiosCrypto
Peercoin           Ambercoin      Gridcoin          Rimbit             Rubies            ChronosCoin        LetItRide        Blocknet        Capricoin 
Blackcoin         Shadowcoin     Tekcoin           BitcoinDark     Zonecoin        EverGreenCoin    EDRcoin         LiteDoge        Sproutscoin 
Curecoin          Boostcoin         Mintcoin         Radium           Bitcoinplus      KuwaitCoin           BitBay            Emercoin 
HoboNickels    Clams               HyperStake    Cloakcoin       Diamond         Neucoin                Zeitcoin          LanaCoin
SecretCoin       Nav Coin         Okcash           1337               2Give              PotCoin                CryptoJacks   CoExistCoin
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