Instant Savings Account

The Instant Savings Account will pay you daily interest payments when a member makes a payment on any Instant or Instant Collateral loan, the interest you receive is based on the amount you have in your account at the time of payment. this account is recommended for members that have a minimum of 3-5 btc to put into the account. members with under 3-5 btc to invest but would like to get interest payment that are worth the time, are encouraged to purchase the INST1 shares from our share page. These will pay you the same interest payments as the Instant Savings Account but you will be in a pool with other members rather than receiving a individual payout thus making your interest payments received higher with the shares than in the Instant Savings Account. The plus side of the INST1 shares is you can sell them on the shares page at anytime and maybe even make a profit from the sale!

Please Note: The Savings Account (not to be confused with the Instant Savings Account) is no longer paying interest and has now been discontinued, no interest is paid for the Savings Account.

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