I Paid For Address+, How Long Do I Have To Wait?

Once you have paid the small fee for the Address+ it can take any wheres from 7-20 business days depending on where you live and your postal system in your country. Letters are mailed from the following countries:

1. Germany

2. Switzerland

3. India

Your letter would be sent from whichever of the 3 countries above is closest to you. Should you find it has been more than 20 business days (30 days total including weekends)  since you requested your letter and you still have not received it, please contact customer support so we can review your situation (no cheating with the date, we know when it was requested and sent out!)  :)

Please note: If you see no other verification's besides social networks and Address+,  no other verification will appear on your page until the correct Address+ code is entered on your verification page.

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