Denied Documents

If some or all of your documents were rejected,here are some guidelines as well as some of the most common reasons why your documents may be rejected.You can check the status of your verification's at any time on your profile page. You also see the reason why your document was rejected on the verification page,you can click on the rejected verification and the reason will be given.

Important: You must use a Phone, webcam or digital camera to take pictures of your documents, scanning your documents will cause a false positive with our software resulting in the rejection of the documents.

1.  Documents and Pictures cannot be altered in any way, including photo shopped, changed file formats,resized etc and any evidence that has occurred the documents will be rejected, you will be able to re-verify again in a few days please use unaltered documents.

 2.  Absolutely NO documents will be accepted in Cyrillic…any documents that use this will be immediately rejected if  you need to please have your documents translated and notarized before submitting.

 3. All documents submitted must be no more than 3 months old, any older than that they will automatically be rejected. 

4. All uploaded documents need to be from a paper copy you have received in your mail, please take a photo of the document (Do Not Scan Any Documents It Can Create a False Positive When Your Documents Are Verified) that is at least of medium quality, unedited and no more than than 5 mb in size  and upload it on the verification page. We will not accept any screenshots from websites for verification purposes.  Please do not change the file format as that will be considered altered and will be rejected. File formats accepted: .jpeg, .jpg, and .png only all others will be rejected.

5. Sending documents other than the requested documents will also be rejected. (At this time we can only accept what we ask, no substitutions please).

6. If the documents were rejected the first time, the second time and even a 3rd time please don’t send then a fourth time as obviously they will be rejected like the other three times!

7. We will not accept the same document/s for different verifications, each verification must be uploaded with a different  picture for EACH verification that is being done.

8. We do not accept verification documents through the ticket system (unless requested by a admin), all documents for verification must be uploaded through the verification page found here:

9. If your documents are rejected, DO NOT upload the same documents you will need to take new pictures and please allow up to 24 hours before resubmitting.

10. For address verification only, it must be a paper copy you received through the postal system and must contain the following information: Name, Address and Date the picture you take must be at least medium quality and readable.

11. For Income Verification only, The only acceptable forms we will accept are a paycheck stub from your employer, a bank statement that clearly states it is a direct deposit from your employer or a tax return (within 3 months of the day you upload the document picture). Regardless of what document you upload for income verification it MUST BE DATED within 3 months of the day it is uploaded for verification.

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