Minimum Verifications

Although only the minimum verification's are required, we do not recommend this as most members who do the funding like to see most, if not all of the verification's completed. Any member who would like to create loans/IPO’s  on BTCpop would need the following 3 verification's completed, the other verification's are highly recommended but not required:

1. Drivers License, Government ID or Passport ((only 1 of the 3 is needed, if one of those is not shown please send a ticket asking for the ID to be added, make sure you state which ID you need added and the country you reside in)

2. Verifies Address+ 

3. Completed and Approved Selfie

Once those 3 have been completed and approved you will be able to create loans on BTCpop. You can check the status of your verification's at any time on your profile page found from the drop down profile menu found on the left side of your dashboard.

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