How to Get Verified

How to Create a Loan on BTCpop?

Btcpop members may create loans and IPO's after they have been verified on our verification page.
You will need to fill out the basic questions, once you hit verify and the page refreshes you will see Address+ and Social Networks, all members must complete the Address+ before any other verifications will show on their page (there is a small fee of about $2.80 USD for this service). Once you receive your letter in the mail you will have to enter the code in the letter to verify your Address+ on your verification page, once your code is validated the page will refresh and show the rest of your verifications. You must complete at least the  ID, Passport or Drivers License (Only 1 out of 3 needs to be verified, please note not every document is available in every country) as well as complete the selfie (selfie is not required but most members will not fund any loans without it being completed). The other verifications are optional, but highly recommended. Once you have uploaded your documents please allow at least 1 business day to either be approved or denied. Once you have the approved verifications you will then be able to create loans on the “Apply” page.   This link will also provide you with step by step instructions: How to get your first bitcoin loan

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When a member creates a loan it does cost 3 rep point (base cost),  you will also be charged reputation points (determined by the amount of the loan request) when your loan is created. When the loan is re-paid then the member will receive all of the  points back plus a few more (based on the amount of the loan). If however, a member creates a loan and then cancels it before it becomes active the 3 rep point it cost to create the loan will not be returned and you will have to earn those back. If a loan expires without funding then the 3 rep points will also be returned to you.

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