How To Deposit/Withdraw From My Instant Savings Account

How To Deposit/Withdraw From the Savings and Instants Account

You can go to the "Account" link on the left side of your dashboard, from the drop down menu choose the "Add/Remove Coins" link. On the next page on the top right corner (assuming you are using a desktop that is) of the page you will see Instants Account and next to it you will see the "Savings Account". Click the " +" sign and it will open a new box, in this box  you will need to enter the amount you would like to add in the white area. Once you have the correct amount you would like to add, the blue box that says "Deposit From" will need to be clicked on, from that drop down menu you have the choice to deposit your btc from your "Main Account" or from your "Instant Account". After those two steps are completed on the bottom left of the box you just entered your information in you will see little green box that says "Add Funds" , once you clicked that your page will refresh and your btc will be deposited into your Savings or Instant Loan Account

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